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Here at Big Mouth we understand that there is so much exciting new talent out there, especially amongst University students. However, it is so hard for that talent to get noticed without some decent recordings (which usually cost a bomb!). That's why we have introduced Student Rates!

Now you can have your new track or five-track EP recorded at a professionally equipped studio that is a short train journey from all the hustle and bustle of Central London. You also get it mixed and produced by engineers who have worked with clients such as Ed Sheeran, Mikill Pane, Leddra Chapman, Mark Hole and many more at mind-staggeringly affordable prices! All you need is a valid student card.

Here are the special rates and packages we are offering to students only:



Day Rate


EP Package

£500 for a fully recorded and produced 5-track EP

Mixing and Mastering only (email us your project and we'll do the rest!)


More info:

Day rate: You can use this time however you wish. You can record as much as you like in a day, but we recommend sticking to just one track (two maximum) per day to ensure decent results.

EP Package: record a 5-track EP at a price so low that we're practically giving it away! This includes all recording time and all mixing and post production with a producer who is experienced in your particular style of music.

Mixing and mastering only: have a track that you've recorded yourself but want it professionally mixed and mastered? Our facilities include industry standard plug-ins and allow us to mix and master your tracks to the highest possible quality. You just need to send over the project and we'll do the rest!

All of our recording rates and packages include full mixing, mastering and other production with the option of an extra mix-review session at the studio (free of charge).

If you are interested in taking advantage of our student rates, book your session now! Contact or get in touch on phone by calling 07729492792

Here is an example of a track we recorded for a student band: "Out Here" from indie band 'Breathless' (studying at UCL)

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Address: 91 Slough Road, Datchet, SL3 9AL

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